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  • Bhavesh bhai   14 May 2018 1:33 AM

    Grass / Green Fodder to all animals.

    MAA is carving new horizons in the life of every Alert youth for Shri Sangh Seva and Jain Sashan Prabavana

    We are proud of all Youth across the country for participating in each MAA activity and making a grand success. 

    MAA implementation every month is setting new milestones and examples for united yet individual and large scale Punya Uparjan in our country. 

    As a part of Hemratna Sanyam Suvarna Varsh In May 2018, we have to perform Jivdaya anusthan i.e. Panjrapole visit with same pleasure and Joy.

    Date : 27th May 2018
    Day : Sunday
    Tasks : 
    Grass / Green Fodder to all animals.

    Goggery ( Gol )/ Shiro / Ladwa / Rotla.

    Chat Vitara for stray animals

    Bird Feeders ( Chabutras )

    Navkarmantra gaan in group 

    We urge each Group to visit nearby Panjrapole. Also please involve Pathshala Kids, youth​, other members of shri Sangh, friends and relatives ( all age group members ). 

    ​Let’s us perform with excellence and spread fragrance of Jivdaya..!